Have we entered a brave new world of Digital Creativity?
It is a perfect platform that showes off the power of broadcasting in terms of getting “behind the scenes” live streaming with instant communication with your audience, whether that be for a new brand launch, live streaming from an open day or even broadcasting directly from the jewellers bench.

There is a true audience participation during the live broadcast because viewers can ‘like’ the broadcast by tapping the screen and hearts will float up and comments being made whilst I broadcast.It is very much ‘at the moment’ broadcasting,as I can change the direction and content and deliver a broadcast that the viewers want to see and hear. It’s the instant feedback that traditional broadcasters have been dreaming of for years. I engage with the audience as I present and that’s what makes this app a game changer.

Now with over 1.2 Billion Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets worldwide, I think this means two things for me. My audience for my tips and tricks will become vast, and brands will be falling over themselves to find creative and engaging ways to bring this platform into their social media strategies. Pushing social media and technology to its boundaries, and creating highly engaging and effective content.

How to download Periscope

New To Periscope? Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be up and running in no time: Download here


Step One: Download using your iOS device (iPhone or iPad) or Android the Pericope App from iTunes or the Android Market.

Step Two: Signing up is easy. Use your current Twitter account or mobile number (if you don’t have Twitter yet, you should seriously get it)


Step Three: Please follow me by tapping on the bottom right most icon (the people tab), then tap on the magnifying glass icon (top left), and type “andrew_berry“. Then tap the follow button next to my name:

Now you’ll be able to watch all my latest top tips, behind the scenes, and exclusive Periscopes. I’ll send you notifications too.

Step Four: Please also follow me on Twitter -> Click here

You’ll be able to see my Pericope schedules, pre-show tweets.

Click the button to see my Bio on the Periscope page or if I am LIVE just click to watch my broadcast