About Me

Born in 1965 in South Wales, United Kingdom, Andrew Berry is passionate and obsessive with art and creativity since his childhood.

Andrew left University with a BA Honors Degree in 3 Dimensional Design and had his work featured in several galleries whilst in University. After a few months working part time in a local High Street jewellery shop to gain some experience in Retail, Andrew promptly set himself up in business starting from his parents garage in Cardiff.

Due to his success a year later, Andrew opened up his own shop and workshop and had to start employing an apprentice due to his success.

During the past 30 years Andrew has designed and made jewellery for celebrities, set up several ecommerce websites, designed and manufactured several ranges of jewellery that have been sold throughout the country and still runs his shop and several online businesses too including his award winning At The Bench, an online jewellery training website which has thousands of members from all round the world which in 2013 Andrew was awarded with Professional jeweller’s 2013 Trailblazer Hot 100 award for AtTheBench.com. An award that is recognised throughout the whole jewellery industry.

Andrew’s knowledge is in great demand and often consults and advises with other jewellery manufacturers on new products and travels around the world demonstrating tools and his techniques at trade shows.

With all the knowledge that Andrew has accumulated during his career it is time to transfer the art and skill to those who wish to fulfill their potential in jewellery design and manufacture.